Indianapolis Ballet | Bringing Ballet to our Community
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Bringing Ballet to our Community

14 Apr Bringing Ballet to our Community

Here at the Indianapolis School of Ballet we have a very specific outreach that reaches youth in the Indianapolis Area. The Indianapolis Public Schools are full of children with untapped potential and dreams that may otherwise not be fulfilled. This program, Indy Ballet Classrooms, brings the joy of dancing to many, not just a few.

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ISB offers Indy Ballet Classrooms to “expose kids to the wonders of ballet,” said Victoria Lyras, Founding Artistic Director. The importance of ballet is not one to be taken lightly, especially in a world where budget cuts are being made in schools nationwide when it comes to programs for art and music. Ballet is made up of both music and art. By exposing children to ballet, they are given a chance to learn creativity, appreciate music, and to be aware of their body movements.

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In 2014 Pointe Magazine shared an article on racial diversity in the ballet world. “…balletgoers might expect some progress in racial diversity onstage… But comb the rosters of most American companies and you’ll find a striking sameness.” Pointe said. In many locations there is a lower number of dancers of a racial diversity in the ballet world. One of the reasons Pointe gave was the expense of ballet training. ( )


Through Indy Ballet Classrooms, ISB offers a possibility for students who show promise and dedication to receive more training that they normally wouldn’t have because of the cost. This program also helps feed into the Young Men’s Scholarship Program. The Young Men’s Scholarship Program offers full scholarship to young male dancers as a way to promote the athleticism and artistry of ballet while also showing to all dancers that ballet isn’t girly. This isn’t just a scholarship fund, but always a carefully designed curriculum of ballet, tap, and modern dance to help the young men in the program become better dancers, not just for themselves but for the other dancers around them.


The hopes and dreams of the dancers, especially the young men who benefit from the Indy Ballet Classrooms and the Young Men’s Scholarship Program, are going to form the world of ballet and dance in the future.