Indianapolis Ballet | Dance – More than there appears
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Dance – More than there appears

08 Feb Dance – More than there appears


For many who watch ballet, it may seem that the main benefit that our dancers get from dancing is the physical exercise, followed by the thrill of performing. However, there are many benefits that dancers get outside of the physical act of dancing.


According to one student, M. Johnstone, there is an awareness of what is around you that is gained from dancing. “I am able to use the skills I have learned to find other dancers on the stage without turning my head to notice my surroundings in real life.” She has listed this skill along with others, such as budgeting time, body awareness, and learning how to work as a team.


One of our instructors and dancers, B. Boxberger, shared that she gained a better understanding of music. “There is also the calming effects of exercise.” Another instructor and dancer, C. Quint, said that she has formed better eating habits. “Not just with what to eat when I am dancing, but I am more able to listen to my body when it tells me that I am not eating what is good for me by how it reacts.”


There is the overwhelming sense of humility that comes with dancing. As humans there is a natural tendency to not accept criticism, but dancers learn to realize that what criticism they receive is helpful to them as dancers. They realize they need criticism to improve on the skills they are taught. Not only does the criticism help them grow as dancers, but it also helps them out in life. By learning to accept criticism they become better at the skills they learn in dance to bring beauty to the world around them.