Indianapolis Ballet | The Nutcracker 2015 – A Recap
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The Nutcracker 2015 – A Recap

19 Jan The Nutcracker 2015 – A Recap

Nutcracker 2014


Indiana winter has finally hit us with vengeance, but as snowflakes dance outside, we are still warm with the magical success of The Nutcracker from last month. From the costumes to the dancing, everything came together perfectly to converse with the audience the charmed existence of the world of the stage.




One of the many eccentric characters in The Nutcracker is Mother Ginger played by Mr. Ben Hall. This one character is not just one dancer, but rather an example of the teamwork that goes into putting on a performance. The backstage area where the dress made up of the yellows, blues, and pinks stands regal on the dress stand and is surrounded by polichinelles ready to go on stage. The dress is made up of “over 60 yards of fabric” and requires a minimum of four people to lift it off the stand and help the dancer into it. The dance lasts no longer than four minutes and the polichinelles escort Mother off the stage. After he exits the stage, the costume comes off with the same assistance.




Without teamwork there is no way such a beloved character can be shared with the public. As we get into the swing of things in 2016, our tenth anniversary, we are looking forward to continue working together to share our love of ballet with Central Indiana.