Indianapolis Ballet | Why We Love to Dance
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Why We Love to Dance

01 Mar Why We Love to Dance

May We Dance 2014

In a 1954 article for Time magazine Mr. George Balanchine, known as the father of the American ballet, was quoted to have said “Ballet is important and significant… But first of all, it is a pleasure.” The effort and the pain that goes into dancing is often secondary to the pleasure and love that dancers feel when it comes to dancing. As each dancer is unique, so too are the reasons that they enjoy dancing.

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One ISB student, N. Dettmer, said that she enjoys dancing “because I can show my emotions through it.” Our students not only love dancing, but some also share their love for dance with younger students by becoming assistants or teachers to classes for young children. One example is ISB’s Director of Outreach and Student Services, Coleen Szulc.


Coleen shared that the reasons that she has loved to dance has changed over the years. From the age of six, she has had many opportunities she wouldn’t have had without dance. While she still dances, she has moved on to teaching “to inspire students to fall in love with this art form.” Through sharing her love of dance with her students and families at ISB, she is opening a world of opportunities to them that they may not have ever had without dance.