Indianapolis Ballet | Indianapolis School of Ballet Offers Classes through Outreach Programs
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Indianapolis School of Ballet Offers Classes through Outreach Programs

05 Feb Indianapolis School of Ballet Offers Classes through Outreach Programs

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INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 25, 2016 – Indianapolis School of Ballet (ISB), a program of the Indianapolis Ballet, Inc., continues successfully into their second year of providing outreach programs to third-grade students throughout the Indianapolis area. The Indy Ballet Classrooms and the Young Men’s Scholarship Programs offer accessible dance opportunities to children in local public schools. The programs are designed to educate, inspire, and support dreams with real opportunities through a professional ballet school.


The Indy Ballet Classrooms outreach program provides a unique ballet educational opportunity to students by expanding their knowledge of and appreciation for the classical art while encouraging physical awareness and fostering creative self-expression in a supportive environment. The Indy Ballet Classrooms consist of weekly, hour-long dance sessions for up to ten weeks, during a convenient period for the school. Students are led by teachers from ISB and take structured introductory ballet class that emphasizes classical technique and rhythmic awareness. Students are also introduced to ballroom and social dance steps to strengthen team-building and communication skills.


The Indy Ballet Classrooms outreach program is curriculum-based and meets Indiana’s academic standards for dance. “As the only professional ballet school downtown, ISB provides classes to three or four public and charter schools in the metropolitan area per semester enabling ISB to enrich our community in a meaningful way,” said Victoria Lyras, ISB’s Founding Artistic Director. “This program exposes kids to the wonders of ballet.” The program also serves as a recruiting program for ISB and the Young Men’s Scholarship Program. Dancers who show potential are invited on full scholarships to explore their talents. “The Indy Ballet Classrooms is designed to be a feeder program especially for the Young Men’s Scholarship Program,” said Victoria. “It potentially fills the need for male students in the dance profession.”


The Young Men’s Scholarship Program launched successfully in 2015. The program provides weekly classes in ballet, modern dance, jazz and tap exclusively following curricula specifically designed for the male dancer. Participants in the program also enjoy performance opportunities, including an invitation to audition for The Nutcracker and The Spring Mainstage performance, performed at the Scottish Rite Cathedral.


“From the earliest classes in ballet, boys are a minority. There is an American stigma about boys doing ballet that is unique to our country and practically unheard of in other countries across the globe,” said Victoria, “the Young Men’s Scholarship Program exposes boys to the artistry, athleticism and expression of ballet, demonstrating to both girls and boys that ballet isn’t ‘just for girls.” Instituting a tuition-free young men’s program attracts the number of high caliber male students necessary to sustain ISB’s growth in enrollment. Nationwide, male and female students alike are drawn to schools with established boys programs, where they can both enhance their skills individually and in the art of partnering. Since their conception, the Indy Ballet Classrooms and the Young Men’s Scholarship outreach programs together have provided over $45,000 in scholarships to over 30 students.


Total schools that have participated in ISB’s Outreach programs are George Washington Carver Montessori (IPS 87), Christel House Academy South, Christel House Academy West, Vision Academy, and Phelan Leadership Academy at IPS Francis Scott Key 103. To learn more about both the Indy Ballet Classrooms and Young Men’s Scholarship Programs, visit the Indianapolis School of Ballet at