Indianapolis Ballet | Indianapolis School of Ballet
Dance classes for ages 4 and up in downtown Indianapolis
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Indy Ballet Classrooms

Indy Ballet Classrooms

Indy Ballet Classrooms provides a unique ballet education opportunity to inspire Indianapolis third grade students, expanding their knowledge of and appreciation for the classical art while encouraging physical awareness and fostering creative self expression in a supportive environment. The program is free of cost for all participating schools.


Indy Ballet Classrooms students, led by Teaching Artists from the Indianapolis School of Ballet, take structured, introductory dance classes at their respective schools that emphasize classical ballet technique and rhythmic awareness. Students are also exposed to ballroom and social dance steps to strengthen team-building and communication skills. The eight to ten week program culminates with a final presentation to showcase the students’ hard work, giving the students a goal to work towards throughout the program and providing them with a sense of accomplishment upon program completion. All students receive a certificate of achievement to celebrate their work.


Select students that show potential and desire will be awarded full scholarships to receive formal training at the Indianapolis School of Ballet. Young female students who excel with drive and ambition will continue on scholarship, and possibly advance to the pre-professional track, while young gentlemen will continue in all-boy classes as part of the Young Men’s Full Scholarship Program.


Ballet, a complete and structured art form, intersects all subjects that are learned from early childhood and enhances students’ focus and academic performance. Becoming a classically trained ballet dancer requires superior skills, determination and commitment, both personally and financially. Indy Ballet Classrooms educates, inspires, supports, and fulfills dreams with real opportunities through a professional ballet school.